Friday, September 30, 2011

Lesson From An Atheist

Last night I had the privilege of watching a debate which involved Kyle Butt (Christian Apologist for Apologetics Press) and Blair Scott (Communications Director of Alabama Atheist).  I was overwhelmingly encouraged to see a brother in Christ stand strong against failed attempts to show there is no God.  I found it interesting that Blair Scott admitted that he could not do what he came to do which was "prove there is no God" within the first 3 minutes of this debate.  While most of the debate involved Blair Scott avoiding the evidences which Kyle tried to present, Mr. Scott did teach me something.  What Blair said was nothing new, it just helped to reinforce an old truth.  
    During the question and answer session someone asked Mr. Scott when he came to know that there was no God and he was an atheist.  His response shocked me in one sense and didn't in another.  Blair Scott began to tell his story about growing up as a child and when he and his friends were 12-13 years old.  He reflected on the fact that at that age most of his friends were becoming Christians and he didn't understand why he didn't get it.  After some time, and through study of various religious material, he says he came to the conclusion there was no God.  Do you see the lesson he taught me here?  It is not a new lesson at all, it is the same lesson taught in the book of Deuteronomy chapter 6, we must TEACH our children the commandments and love of the Lord as early as possible!  Deuteronomy 6:6-9 "And these words that I command you today shall be on your heart.  You shall teach them diligently to your children, and shall talk of them when you sit in your house, and when you walk by the way, and when you lie down, and when you rise.  You shall bind them as a sign on your hand, and they shall be as frontlets between your eyes.  You shall write them on the doorposts of your house and on your gates."
       It is of the utmost importance that we teach our children about God and His love as early as possible.  Mr. Scott unfortunately is an example of how important it is.  Satan knows that our children are most impressionable at a young age.  Satan will gladly teach our children the ways of the world while they are young, if we don't teach them the ways of the Lord.  

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