Tuesday, May 28, 2013

She wished it was her, I was glad it was me.

This was the first year Candy and I had a child in the public school system. Admittedly, I was a little uneasy at how the year might go. But, the time came, our daughter entered Kindergarten. Candy and I both resolved to be as active as possible in the educational setting of our children. We want to be active participants in their education and let them know we care.

One of the ways I decided to be active in JC's school life was to eat lunch with her at school on Fridays. Friday quickly became a special day for us. On the Fridays which I was able, I would bring a special lunch for the two us and we would sit and eat among her classmates. If you haven't ever eaten with a table full of Kindergartners, you are missing out, they are a hoot! Topics of conversations range from playground games to who has the biggest muscles.

Our visits were not without hiccups however. Every now and then I would notice kids pointing, laughing, and making not so nice comments about my appearance and height. Honestly, it doesn't bother me, they are kids after all. I usually use such events for teaching opportunities. One day however, JaneClaire used the not nice comments to teach me, about love, the love a daughter has for her dad.

One day while I was at her school JaneClaire looked at me and said "Dad, I wish I was little and you were big." At first I figured her reasoning was something along the lines of wanting to be treated special like her brothers or something. Wanting to see what she would say I asked her, "Why would you want me to be big and you be little?" I was not ready for her answer and I'm not sure I fully understand it. In her innocence and sincerity JaneClaire said, "So people would make fun of me, instead of you." At that very moment I thanked God for my sweet JaneClaire. She wished it was her, but I am glad it was me.

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  1. I'm a homeschool friend of Reba's and I love your blog. I knew, right away, what JaneClaire meant. As a young girl growing up, I remembered seeing my father in alot of physical pain from health problems. I always wished that I could take some of that from him. God's hand is on JaneClaire. She will be truly blessed.